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Voices of Singapore Choral Society


Our Choirs

Sing with the VOS Choral Society

The Voices of Singapore Choral Society represents a body of diverse Singaporean choirs that reach out to the people of Singapore. Coming from all walks of life, the choirs range from community choirs to award-winning vocal ensembles, orchestral choruses, institutional choirs, expatriate choirs, research choirs, and children's choirs.
Join us in our vision to Inspire a Singing Singapore!


Voices of Singapore

Children's Choir

With the mission of nurturing children living in Singapore from all walks of life as singers, individuals and performers, the Voices of Singapore Children's Choir is set up with the goal of delivering the best all-rounded music and singing education to young talents.

Children's Choir


ladies choir

August 2014 marked the birth of Voices of Singapore Ladies Choir (formerly VOCO Singapore Ladies Choir), the country's first independent all-female choir.

The ensemble consists of both professional and student singers, musicians, teachers, as well as passionate amateurs who are eager to discover new experiences through music-making and develop a deeper understanding of the nation's cultural heritage.

VOCO Ladies

Voices of Singapore

Community Chorus

​The Voices of Singapore Community Chorus is a non-auditioned choir consisting of singers from all walks of life. The choir's repertoire consists of a wide range of songs including contemporary, pop, sacred, jazz, musicals and classical choral works. The Chorus holds several seasons throughout the year, lasting 10 weeks each.

VOS Chorus

VOS Singers

Started in 2019, the VOS Singers is Voices of Singapore's professional chamber group which consists of music professionals in the pursuit of choral excellence in classical, pop, jazz and folk genres.

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Aura Singers


VOS Men is an adult all-male choir comprising experienced singers, musicians, educators, and passionate amateurs who seek to discover the wonders of the male voice.

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