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In One voice

As the Voices of Singapore Choral Society's inaugural milestone project, we sing this song as a dedication of love to Singapore, our Home. We hope it will reach out to every voice in the nation and inspire all to continue to grow in strength, harmony and unity regardless of race, language, or religion. We are all the voices of the nation and we are, the Voices of Singapore. Happy 54th Birthday Singapore!

in one voice

The VOS Choral Society's inaugural project!
IOV About

In One Voice - Music & Lyrics by Darius Lim
Performed by Voices of Singapore Choral Society & Friends

Video Production by Createurs Productions Pte Ltd
Co-Directed by Will Loh & John Tan
Director of Photography: Will Loh
Camera & Gimbal Operator: Zion Teo
Video Editor: Will Loh
Aerial Videography: 65drones Pte Ltd
Hair & Make Up: Florence Lim

Voices of Singapore Organization Team:
Singers Coordinator: Apple Joyce So
VOS Assistant Manager: Mervyn Ye 
VOS Administrators: Dean Chong & Alden Pong

Audio Recording:
Vocals recorded at NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
Score Arranger: Tai Jing Ning

Audio Post-Production:
Vocals Audio Editor: Miso Tan
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Leonard Fong 
Mixing & Mastering Studio: Horus Studios

Locations provided by:
PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency
National Parks Board
DUO Residences - The Subsidiary Management Corporation No.1 - Strata Title Plan No. 4662


Royalty-Free Footages used under license from


Amritha Devaraj
David Lee
Freda Lim
Baek Jongwoo
Joyce Ang


VOCO Singapore Ladies Choir
VOCE Men’s Choir
VOS Choral Scholars
Volare Treble Voices
VOS Singers
The Coronation Singers
RCT Dementia Research Choir
The Joyful Voices 亲子合唱团


Also special thanks to all our families and friends who were involved in this production!

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