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Towards A Better World Project is an initiative by choral organisation, Voices of Singapore. It presents a series of thought-provoking music videos and concerts that hope to bring hope to listeners, restart music-making around the world, and address global issues through the performances of different VOS choirs - all recorded at the historic Pasir Panjang Power Station. The World Premieres of 3 new choral works written by VOS Artistic Director & Composer-Conductor Darius Lim will be released in 2021 - 2022 for free use by all choirs until 2024.


Darius Lim

During the strange and trying times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this period inspired the composer to write about the tenacity of the human spirit. The work set to the sacred text of "Ave Maria" presents a reflective and prayerful call for hope and harmony in the world - and in oneself.

Premiered 30 December 2021

Performed by VOS Ladies Choir


Darius Lim

This Too Shall Pass paints a world of emotions experienced by different generations of people living through the Covid-19 pandemic. The portrayal of love, hope and support of the human race is juxtaposed with sadness, grief, confusion and chaos in the journey that drives towards peaceful acceptance and remembrance.

Premiered 7 January 2022

Performed by VOS Singers

In days of peace

Darius Lim

In Days Of Peace was inspired by the journey of life and the search for peace at the end of that voyage. The repetition of the phrase, “I watched the sky”, emphasises how the simplicity of life can develop into something deeply meaningful and complex. The song ends on a soft and reflective mood – the end of a journey imbued with tranquility and contentment. Through its music, this contemplative composition hopes to bring peace to those who are experiencing distress.

Premiered 22 February 2022

Performed by VOS Community Chorus

Look out for more videos to be released over 2022!

Towards A Better World
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