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over 900 voices, 1 home

Over 900 voices of people living in Singapore together with Singaporeans from 26 countries around the world unite to sing for hope, strength, and love in the first ever Singapore Virtual Choir. We believe that music has the power to bring us together.

Singing the nation’s most well-loved song, 'Home' written by Dick Lee with choral arrangement by Darius Lim, the Singapore Virtual Choir initiative has demonstrated the resilience of Singapore as a country. It has been incredibly heartwarming to witness the extraordinary strength, love and support from those in Singapore, as well as Singaporeans all around the world.


Wherever we are in the world, we are proud to be the voices of our nation -

We are, the Voices of Singapore. #SGUnited

singapore virtual choir

sings dick lee's 'Home'

Over 900 voices singing for strength, hope, unity and love.
SVC About

Music Credits:
Conductor: Darius Lim
Music & Lyrics: Dick Lee
Vocal & Choral Arrangement: Darius Lim
Music Production & Arrangement: George Leong
Mixing Engineer: George Leong
Audio Engineers: Daniel Wong (Ardant Studio) & Wei Xiang
Mastering Engineer: Damien Quintard
Mastering Studio: The Mono Company (Paris)
Voiceover: Gerald Wong
Guitar: Daniel Chai
Bass & Flute: Colin Yong
Strings: Han Oh & The Boutique Chamber Players

Video Credits:
Instructional Video Production & Virtual Choir Post-Production and Effects: Createurs Productions Pte. Ltd.
Videographer & Lead Video Editor: William Loh Wei Liang
Videographer & Video Editor: Hosni Altway
Video Editor: Regine Ang
Assistant Video Editor: Amir Shahiran
Video Post-Production Coordinator: Wee Yi Ling 

Voices of Singapore Team:
Mervyn Ye 
Dione Au
Gabriel Ching

Special Thanks to:
Singapore Tourism Board 
The Majurity Trust
Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited
Catherine Tan
Dick Lee 
Will Oswald & Lim Lin Li
Dr Maurine Tsakok
Elaine Teo
Elisabeth de Rothschild 
Tan Shook Wah 
Dr Lee Tuck Leong
Christopher Cheong 
Katharine Kit Ying Ho

A big thank you to all of you for lending your voices and participating in the Singapore Virtual Choir. 

This is home, truly.

Create your own virtual choir with our tutorials for Dick Lee's Home, by Artistic Director Darius Lim.