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Little Singers is a research-based artistic programme that trains and develops cognitive, musical and kinaesthetic ability in young children. It is led by the Head of Early Childhood Department at Voices of Singapore, Tham Pei Wen.

This programme transcends fun in music-making, and delves into developing young singers into thinking individuals that are sensitive to sound, rhythm, and other fundamental musical elements. It also equips them with key foundation skills that will not only aid their singing, but their thought process and creative freedom.

Coupled with the VOS platform that offers an abundance of performance opportunities and exposure, Little Singers is a unique programme that grooms the young performer, builds character, and creates unforgettable memories through song.


What to expect:

  • Rhymes and simple songs

  • Lots of movement and actions

  • Learning and playing as a group

  • No stress!



  • Development of independence

  • Preparation for musical/choral discipline

  • Singing in tune with healthy and clear voice

  • Steady beat, rhythm, and melodic prep

  • Simple pictorial/icon note reading


Recommended for children ages 5–6


Recommended for children ages 3–4

About the lead instructor
Ms Tham Pei Wen is a graduate from the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music (Hungary) and holds a Master of Arts in Kodály Music Pedagogy with specialisation in choral conducting. She believes that music belongs to everybody and that it should be learnt in a joyful way. Through the Kodály approach, Ms Tham guides students sequentially to experience music at a deeper level, and aims to develop a good level of musical literacy in every child who passes through her hands. Ms Tham is an advocate for special needs music education and community singing. She is also a qualified Pilates instructor who has a passion for baking and cats!

Term 4
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